Most Popular Free Ebook Downloads

Are you wondering what the most popular free ebook downloads are so you can cater to the majority of people on the internet? Well, you may not realize this, but there are many free e-books that are on the list of the most popular along with a few that costs a few dollars. According to the person giving you the list, you will have a very different list of popular ebook downloads.

The reason this is so true is that there are many different e-books in all kinds of categories. You can find e-books on self improvement, romance, classic, marketing, financial, poetry, pets, dogs, wildlife, golf, crocheting, food, cooking, recipes, cancer, medical, fitness, health, articles, how to, credit, history, short stories, horrors, and so on and so forth. It is like going to library and asking the librarian what the most popular books are that are being checked out. There are so many different subjects, that you may never be able to find an answer to this question.

Of course, if you are looking at a specific niche so to speak, you will be able to find the “hot” e-books in that group, but overall you will find literally thousands of popular e-books. There are so many different popular ebooks because not everyone in the world is interested in the same subject. You have dog lovers, cat lovers, hunters, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, website owners, graphic designers, and more.

The best way to offer your customers unique ebooks is to offer e-books that work well with your product or service. If you are selling web design, provide e-books that help them understand the reasons that web design is so important. If you are selling children’s clothing, provide e-books of children’s stories. Get the idea? You have to offer something that corresponds to your website. Your visitors are there because they are looking for your product or service, give them more information or products that work well with your product and you will have them coming back time and time again. Once they become returning visitors they will be spending more time on your website and this gives you the opportunity to make more money.

However, you can always offer more than just e-books that blend well with your website. Examples of this include, the web designer could offer ebooks on internet marketing. If the visitors need a website designed, they will also need to know about marketing. As for the visitors to a children’s clothing website, the majority of the time, these visitors will be moms. You can offer cooking or quick recipes for the busy mom.

Catering to the needs of your visitors is the best way to learn what the most popular e-books are for your niche. Instead of listening to everyone else, you can decide by learning what ebooks are being purchased or downloaded from your website.


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